I Am Obsessed With Cocktail Napkins

I Am Obsessed With Cocktail Napkins

I feel like before we pursue our blogger-blogee relationship any further, you need to know something important about me. I am obsessed with cocktail napkins. Stage 5 clinger, obsessed. Like if I could fashion myself a cape of napkins and wear it around town I would. Editor's Note: I just asked Joel if the phrase was "fashion myself" and he's like "I think so. What are you fashioning?" And I'm like, "A cape....of cocktail napkins." He looked at me like I smoking la cocaína. Just be happy you aren't married to me. And obsessed is actually an understatement.  What's more than obsessed? Infatuated? Captivated? Bewitched? Well anyway, I am all of those things. Yes. These are my confessions.

Cocktail napkins make me happy when skies are grey. They'll never know dear, how much I love them, please don't take my cocktail napkins awayyyyyy. (Yes, that just happened). Why do I love them so much, you ask? Here's a list of 7 reasons why I love cocktail napkins:

1. First of all, they're cheap. Lezbihonest, you can get a very cute pack of 50 napkins at Homegoods for a cool $2.99 and that my friends is #winning. By Homegoods, I also mean Marshalls & TJ Maxx. You know-- the sort-of-good-looking- depending-on-the-way-the-light-catches-their-face, stepsisters of Homegoods.(Actually Marshalls doesn't deserve that title, but TJ Maxx definitely does).

2. They're easy. They are the easiest way to make a party, or event, or a random Tuesday night seem more legit. Some themed napkins and a bottle of wine and you're in business. Add some cute paper straws in there and SLAY GIRL, SLAYYYY.

3. They're all party. Cocktail napkins are ALL party and no business. Unless it's the business of parties in which case, they're also business. They don't take themselves too seriously. When you have a fun cocktail napkin under your drink, YOU ALSO can't take yourself too seriously.


4. They're lovely. Cocktail napkins fall under the umbrella of Treating Yourself Well. It's a simple way to "plus up" (as my mom would say) something. Even if that something is you drinking 47 glasses of Riesling by yourself. Or perhaps pounding apple cider donuts for 24 hours straight. If you're going to lush it out-- make sure you're being a CLASSY lush.


5. They speak for those who can't speak for themselves. Sometimes a cocktail napkin can sum up my mood better then I ever could.  

6. They carry a nice theme. Holiday cocktail napkins are my jam. A themed napkin can make an event that much more festive. And they will definitely put people in a jolly mood!

7. They make a nice gift! If you're invited somewhere and you appear with a Hostess Gift of a cute pack of napkins with a bow on it?! Well booboo you just get your party pants ready, because yous about to have a very busy social calendar. 

I love cocktail napkins so much that I actually advise people in our marriage talks to go purchase them. I'm serious. According to the book "His Needs, Her Needs" by Willard Harley the emotional need of Domestic Support (which basically means creating a peaceful and well-managed home environment) is vital to a relationship. I'm not kidding when I say I think cocktail napkins are a key element that help to create a lovely home. 

I know. It's a lot to handle. It's not every day you meet someone whose life goal is sleep under a blanket of themed napkins. Maybe you're even disturbed by my CNO (cocktail napkin obsession). But I want to go to the Next Level with you. So it's important you know about my good, but also about my Confessions of Obsession.

So go and...


to some cocktail napkins. And tell me your life doesn't get a little more lovely. 


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