Gift Guide for Her...from a Her

Gift Guide for Her...from a Her

Well I've come to realize something in the 3 weeks this blog has been alive-- I love Gift Guides. Maybe it's because I like telling people what to do?? Maybe it's because I like being told what to do?? Sike. I don't. But I'm willing to listen! Either way I be obsessed with Gift Guides. 

I realize I have like 3.4 male readers (Hi Dad!). But those male readers deserve a Gift Guide just like the rest of us. Also maybe some of you women haven't told your boo thangs what you want for Christmas yet, so this can spark some ideas. 

First of all I would like men to know they aren't alone. Gift giving to your wife, sister, or mom can be hardddd. So I am here to help! When considering what to get your wife, for instance, I strongly encourage you to do the following:

  1. Read this whole post. If you can't read:
  2. Call her sister for help. If she doesn't have a sister:
  3. Call YOUR sister for help. If you don't have a sister:
  4. Call me because I have ideas for days and I'm helpful.

There is no valor in trying to navigate this gift giving world alone, my friend. I think if you asked most women they would prefer that their signif other get some gift giving help. 

So here is my 2016 Gift Guide For Her from a Her...

1. Williams-Sonoma Marble and Copper Monogram Board $40. You cannot go wrong with this gift for ANY woman in your life. Read: mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, postwoman. First of all, the monogram makes you look like you put some thought into it. Secondly, it's very practical. I know everyone thinks I worship at the alter of Wine & Cheese (and I do), but I think more people would host peeps if they had the right stuff. This is a great staple in anyone's kitchen. And when your booboo isn't using it she can lean it up on the counter for the world to see. Visual & practical appeal at a low cost! 

2. Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler $65. I love this, because I love options. This box contains 15 samples of Sephora's most popular perfumes. (All you need to know is it's a makeup store). Inside there is also a scent card. Your lady can decide which perfume she likes best and then redeem the scent card for a full-sized bottle! No extra cost. I don't know a woman who wouldn't love to get this. And you can sweeten the deal by playing along and helping her pick out your fav scent too. It's a win-win when you both love the perfume she wears! 

3. Personalized Bar Necklace from $36 Step One: jewelry equals #winning. Secondly, I think this is a very thoughtful gift. You choose what the style/color/what you want to say on the necklace (email me for help!). Often times I've seen necklaces like this with kid's names on them (which is a great option!), but I don't think you have to do that. You could do initials, wedding date, a pet's name, XOXO, some inside joke between you, etc. This necklace is delicate and small which is great for layering. (Don't worry about what that means-- she knows.) I personally have used this shop and they ship quickly. Plus you're supporting a small business! I highly recommend it!

4. Victoria's Secret Gift Card. A practical gift, for a practical woman. But emphasis on gift card. Emphasis on, you are not allowed in the store. Victoria isn't interested in telling you any secrets, hombre. If you decide to go in?? Well you need to go home, because you're drunk. You know what I want to do when I see a man walking around V Seeks? I want to punch him in the face. Yes, these are my confessions. Alanis Morissette's song Uninvited is actually dedicated to you. It's so unsettling to see a man in VS. (Ask me how I really feel.) And just a quick aside to the women who parade their man around VS: Why do you hate me? Seriously...why do you want to see me suffer? I'm already buying underpants in public. Isn't that enough for you? Men, if you've gone in a VS before, no worries. You just didn't have someone telling you. Now I am telling you: Yes, to the ONLINE purchase of a GIFT CARD. NO to crossing the threshold of a Victoria's Secret store. Amen. 

5. The Blue Apron Experience $100 My family is obsessed with Blue Apron. The food is delish and fresh! My parents and my sis & her husband swear by it. Joel and I like to get it when we know we will have time for an At Home Date Night. With this set you get a gift card to redeem three 2-person meals. All the ingredients are delivered fresh to your door, on a date of your choosing. (I advise delivery later in the week if you're looking to make your meals on the weekend!) Also included is a gift card for one month of Blue Apron wine. You can choose when the wine comes so it can be paired with your meal! If you know someone who likes to cook, this is the gift for them! And if you're looking to spend some QT time together with your person, cooking is a great option! Working together is romantic. Huzzah!


6. Restoration Hardware Ultra Faux Fur Throw $69-$129 Every home needs some great faux fur blankets. They're cozy, they add ambiance but mostly...they're practical. You can't go wrong with RH throws. Get her one! C'mon, a little blanket, a little wine, a little cuddling...need I say more?? (That's a joke, Dad.)

7. Shutterfly Photo Gallery Serving Tray $49.99 If you make and give your lady anything from Shutterfly you're probably going to get some big kisses. And she will also probably cry. There's just something about the thought of your man clicking around with pictures, trying to make something nice for you that really pulls on the ole heart strings. I love this tray! The functionality is obvi, but the fact you can add pics to it makes it so fun! Something unique for her to display memories that aren't in an album. My dad made one for my mom last year (yeah boiiiii) that had pictures of their recent European vacation on it.  She cherishes it. And if it's good enough for VA, it's good enough for us! (If you go for this, choose the bigger tray option! Shutterfly ALWAYS has coupons so you won't pay full price.)

8. TOMS B&W Plaid Slippers $49 AND/OR Pottery Barn Faux Fur Robe $90. I lumped these things together because they fall under the She Is Sure To Be Comfy At Home In These, category. I love these TOM slippers because they are the cool kid version of slippers. ("I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!") The website says they're indoor/outdoor. LEZBHONEST, if I owned them I could POSSIBLY see myself wearing them to Harris Teeter and giving zero Fs. Maybe she will too?! The Robe...well what can I say about the robe? You best bow down, because she will COMMAND the house if she owns this robe. But the question: Does she like robes? People have polarized thoughts about robes. So this is what you need to find out. I happen to be obsessed with robes. Like Hugh Hefner's robe game is #goals. I'm kind of like Mister Rogers when he takes off his Working Man Sweater to put on his House Sweater...that's me with robes. I have a cozy house robe, a post-shower robe, a robe for the summer, a robe when my neighbors are at the door, and of course, a robe for when I'm washing my robes. (This is more than you ever wanted to know. I know.) So find out her R.O.L. (Robe Obsession Level) and get back to me. 

9. Datebox Subscription for 3 months $110. You all already know about my love of Datebox. And if you don't you can go HERE and read about it. Datebox is simple, fun and the date comes right to your door. If this gift list was being graded this would be the Easy A. If you decide to get a Datebox, print out some lovely graphics from the website and put them in a card telling her how excited you are to have a Date Night with her! (You're welcome.)

10. Sole Society Studded Fold Over Clutch $49 Take it from me that every woman needs one or two clutches (a small purse that she carries) in the rotation. This one (the best is grey!) says, "I'm fun and sexy and I've got a stud on my arm AND studs on my purse." It's a great clutch to have for a night out. If you really wanna score points get the purse (or one like it!) and stick some movie tickets or a gift card to a restaurant in it! BOOM. 

11. Book of the Month Club 3 months $45 Subscription plans are all the rage these days. This is another fun way to get a surprise to your door each month. You can send her a voucher and she can go to their website, fill out a little book quiz about herself and then she's able to choose from their curated collection of books. I'm obsessed! Great for someone who can power through books quickly! (In other words, not me). If you choose this gift buy her a book and stick the voucher in it. We don't just TELL someone what we got them. You must SHOW them with their EYES. See: Plus It Up. Editor's Note: 3rd reference. Maybe even offer to do a book club between the two of you! 

12. Erin Condren Planner, prices vary. Erin Condren is the It Girl of the planner world. (Yes, there is such a thing.) If a woman you love is overworked and under appreciated-- she's in need of a bomb ass planner. Depending on how savvy you are you could make it for her yourself through the website (always cute for her to know you made it!) or get her a gift card to make one herself. There are so many awesome options. This website is great for any lady who likes organization! If you do decide to make it yourself, open it when it comes and fill in your anniversary, birthdays etc. Editor's Note: I just have to tell you... I would make amazingly thoughtful man. It will be such an added surprise when she sees you took the time to do that!

There you have it-- 12 of the most awesome, thoughtful gifts on the interwebs, brought to you by me. If you need help brainstorming ideas or you want my help picking something-- email me. I AM YOUR PHONE A FRIEND. 

Ladies, fear not, I'll be hitting you with a Gift Guide later this week! 

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