Valentine's Day Tablescape

Valentine's Day Tablescape

Hellooooo February! The month of love is here! This is a big month for us because in addition to Valentine's Day is also our anniversary month and Joel's birthday! Fun Fact: Our anniversary IS VALENTINE'S DAY. HUZZAH! Yes, we are that corny couple. And yes, Joel got a 2 for 1 special. We will be celebrating 7 years of martial bliss this month! Doesn't feel like a day over 6.5. ZINGZANGJKJKJKJOEL. 

We actually picked Valentine's Day to get married because it was my grandparents anniversary. We paid homage to them throughout our wedding and it was really special to us. One of our amazing wedding guests even made this for us to commemorate the day. 


I love that I see this on the daily. It always makes my heart happy to see that beautiful picture of my grandparents.

So yeah WE BE LOVING VALENTINES DAY UP IN HERE. And my love for holiday decor plus Valentine's means: A Valentine's tablescape! I designed this for a children's get together, but it works for other things too. Galentine's dinner, couples dinner or a family dinner. 

Personally I'm going to decorate the table like this for a family dinner on Valentine's Day. I enjoy #makingitlovely for my fam even if it's a weeknight meal. I hope that one day when I'm dead and gone, my kids remember that I always knew my way around a decorative tablescape. THIS SHALL BE MY LEGACY!!

Obvi you see I went very literal this year with the red and pink. In general I'm not obsessed with these colors in decor, but this is the one time of year that using them together is ACCEPTABLE! 

I used red and gold chargers (found at Micheal's) as a plate for each person. Chargers are the unsung hero of tables IMO. You can never have enough and they bring depth to your table. I have appx. 3939508938 different color chargers in my house and they always come in handy!

The little butterflies kit is also from Michael's and was $8 to make 12 butterflies. THIS IS THE KIND OF CRAFT I CAN GET BEHIND. You need glue for the eyes but everything is self-sticking. For my crew this is key because I have various levels of CC (craft capability) in my house. I got the kit last year but I'm sure they have one similar this year. Just in case here's a link to another cute and affordable craft!

Because this is for kids I used juice in the plastic glasses, but i could easily see a nice piping 58 degree glass of red wine right here. And heart stir sticks because, WHY NOT?? They can be found in the dollar spot at Target for $3 for 8. A GOOD DEAL. And they're heavy duty plastic so they could be washed and reused! They add a nice festive flair!

One of the greatest things my sister has ever taught me (in addition to how to be a good human) is that wrapping paper is a great option for a non-committal table runner. This lips wrapping paper is from Homegoods for $3.99. It's v good because if someone spills or it gets dirty, you just roll out another piece! It's not an all year round option but it's a fun idea for holidays and parties! Long live the wrapping paper table runner!!

The easel name cards were basically the inspiration for this entire table. Ha. When I saw them at Target ($3 for 4) I was like OH SNAP SON I NEED THESE. They're so cute and festive and can definitely be used for other things. If you have a party they're a cute option for a spread of food! People always like to know what they're eating and you can write it on these! I can see these being used at Easter, Christmas, kids parties...the list goes on!

I used a chalk marker to write on them. Chalk markers are one of my favorite things for an event! You can use them to write on wine glasses-- then everyone knows whose drink is who! 

Another favorite of mine are these personalized chairbackers from Pottery Barn. I got them last year for the girls and they are just so sweet! When I was growing up my parents always gave us a few little gifts on Valentine's Day. Usually candy, a trinket and some clothing item. As a kid I obvi loved it because I was getting presents. Now as an adult I love giving my peeps little v day gifts! I plan on putting some goodies in these every year (even when they're old and embarrassed) so that the tradition continues. Editor's Note: Just peeped Pottery Barn's website because I need one for Margaux and ALL CHAIRBACKERS ARE ON SALE! GO GET THEMMMMM!

But as much as I LOVE, LOVE...I don't LOVE when festive decor is EVERYWHERE. The only holiday where I want my house to look like a holiday bomb went off is Christmas. I be having Buddy The Elf status during Christmas. But other holidays I enjoy when the decor is centrally located. For us, this usually happens in the kitchen.

After we redid the kitchen the counter was bigger so it enabled me to put a few decorative items on it. As time has gone on this little corner has evolved and now I like decorating it for each holiday.  

As you can see I used to have chill, but now I have no chill about my holiday decor. It just always makes me so happy to festively decorate this little space!

If you missed my Instagram, my Celebrate Everything sign is my new fav purchase. I found it in the clearance aisle of Homegoods for $2. I actually walked by it and came back because I was like WAIT. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE CELEBRATE EVERYTHING??? THIS IS MY LIFE'S MOTTO! 

The red hearts are from Michael's as is the bow around the ginger jar. The flowers and vase were gifted to me by my MIL and I'm basically obsessed with the vase. I think she got it at Safeway. The XOXO was a gift from a girlfriend. The candles and Call Me heart are from Target. I'm telling you Target really is killing the game for holidays. 

The more I write this post the more I'm like WE GET IT CHARCHAR YOU LOVE HOLIDAY DECOR. But I just do, my friends. I just do. In addition to loving #allthethings, I also love a good festive pillow. NOT TO SIT ON BUT TO LOOK AT, YOU ANIMALS. This one is from Homegoods for $16.99. I don't usually like paying that much for a small pillow BUT IT HAS SEQUINS SO IT'S WHAT GOD WANTS. 

And just one more plug for Target. If you're a mom and your kids need some cute Valentine's for their friends, Target has a TON TON TON of cute options. Not just the standard card but really creative, fun ideas. 

I got these for Felicity to give her friends. They're $3 for 18. As I am writing this I'm realizing that won't be enough for her class so...OH SHUCKS I HAVE TO GO BACK TO TARGET. Darn. winkwinkkkkkkk ;)))))))

Hope you got a few ideas on how you can decorate for V day! If there's any item I forgot to mention in the post-- send me a message and I'll tell you where I got it. 

Do you have any family traditions for Valentine's Day? Will you do anything special this year? Leave me a comment AND LET'S TALK ABOUT IT!!

Also stay tuned because next week my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IS COMING. AND NO I'M NOT PREGNANT! 




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