12 Galentine's Day Gift Ideas Under $15

12 Galentine's Day Gift Ideas Under $15

Valentine's Day is a week away and what better way to celebrate the countdown than another installment of GIFT GUIDES!!! As you might have figured out here and here, I be obsessed with gift guides! They're fun to curate and I always enjoy sharing my finds. We will ignore the fact I end up purchasing about 80% of the stuff I post about. Woopsies! 

This gift guide is devoted to the special gals in your life!  Your bestie, your mom, your sister! I tried to choose things easily accessible, and most importantly, affordable. They aren't HUGE gifts just little things that say "just because"...

1. Gold Heart Clear Mug $14. This mug is the perfect way to start the morning! I don't know about you I like my coffee mugs like I like my men-- aesthetically pleasing. (HEYOOOOO I'm looking at you Joel!!!) This mug is so pretty! One can never have enough lovely transporters of coffee. And nothing says "I love you" quite like a beautiful cup o' joe, amiright?! 

2.  6 ct. Valentine's Day cookie boxes $4 The cookies aren't included but there are plenty of places you could pick up some sweet treats! I know Trader Joe's sells delicious macaroons. They also have a lot of festive Valentine's cookies. You could just switch them from their box to this cute box for an easy, inexpensive gift! Or if you really looking to achieve MOL (Maximum Obsession Level), stick a 6 count of Chick-fil-a COOKIES in the box.  Amen. 



3. Girlfriends Are Therapists Glitter Heart Sign $12. This one is pretty much an open and shut, Johnson. Why pay someone the big bucks to listen to you complain, when you can just complain to your friends and pay them in wine?! I have many friends who have earned this plaque working with me! 


4. Sugarfina "Hey Hot Lips" gummies $7.50 While I haven't personally ever purchased Sugarfina gummies, it's safe to say it's what the "cool kids" of the internet are talking about. The packaging is, in a word, darling! And they have tons of other cute Galentine's ideas on their website. Not to mention that if your dude has a sweet tooth they have DARK CHOCOLATE BOURBON BEARS...WHAT THE HECK WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT!?! OH. AND THEY HAVE THE BACHELOR GUMMIES. Off to buy stock in Sugarfina BYEEEEEEEEEEE.


5. Mini Heart Black & Gold Pillow $7.99 Like I talked about in my previous post, I like decorating for Valentine's A LOT. One of my fav ways to decorate for holidays IN GENERAL is through throw pillows! Just one or two. Not tonsss. This is a super cute, chic way to give a nod to Valentine's without overdoing it. Plus BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK. PLUS it's a cool $7.99 so it's kind of like Target is paying YOU to buy it. 



6. She Designed A Life She Loved set of 2 air fresheners $8. Is this not the best looking air freshener you've ever seen? That tassel be classy AF. Generally, I am opposed to air fresheners unless they look LIKE THIS. This lavender scented item would be great for your car, gym bag, house, shiz even as a bookmark. You could separate the set and give them out individually by tying it around some flowers. Or keep the set together for your really smelly friend!! 



8. Valentine's Day Cookie Kit. Are you sensing a theme here? Francesca's and Target? To be honest they have such cute things I didn't feel the need to deviate much from them. I think this gift would so sweet with a big pink bow on it! It's also a fun option as a hostess gift if you're going somewhere around Valentine's Day! (There was no price on the website as it's only sold in stores. Clearly this adds to the allure for me and means I need it for myself NOW.)

9. Men & Cats $15 On a scale of one to weird this gift may seem VERY weird. Unless you're me. In which case I would love a copy. A signed copy. What says literary magic more than beautiful images of sweet sweet men, and sweet sweet cats? THE ANSWER IS NOTHING. P.S. To be clear, it's not just pics of guys and cats in towels. It's pics of guys COPYING the things cats are doing which makes it 394839048x better!!

10. "Love Me Some Wine" gift bag $3. Sometimes I like stuff that just TELLS PEOPLE WHAT YOU'RE ALL ABOUT, you know? No keeping people in the dark. This is probably why I have a phone cover with a giant glass of wine on it. When strangers see me walking down the street on my phone they may be like, "yo, what's this girl all about?" And they see my cover and they're like, "dang, THAT GIRL IS ABOUT WINE." This bag does the same thing. Get it and insert a delicious bottle for a friend!

11. Tocca Simply Chic Set $10 This is one of those practical yet still lovely gifts. I feel like I'm always in need of a perfume pick me up when I'm running around town. These roller ball fragrances are perfect for your purse or gym bag. Head to Sephora's website for an explanation of each scent. SPOILER: THEY ALL SMELL GOOD! I enjoy the non-committal size of these too. Tocca is an expensive brand so I feel like this is a good deal!

12. Follow Your Heart banner $8 I love this little sign! It's kitchy but cute. I highly considered it for my own decor but then I realized I kept buying Valentine's Day decor that's telling people what to do. FOLLOW YOUR HEART, DAMNIT. CALL ME, DAMNIT. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE CELEBRATE EVERYTHING, DAMNIT. It's like we get it...you're bossy. WE GET IT. So I declined on this for myself, but I think it makes a great gift! And while I'm plugging Target I want to again reiterate that their dollar spots are full of great gifts right now. They have white jars with gold heart knobs for $3! Delish smelling candles for $5! It's a great place to find gifts!

For those of you who asked, I hope this Galentine's Day Gift Guide helped! At the very least I hope it provided you with some pretty pictures to look at. 

I'll be back later this week with my Bachelor recap! And stay tuned for my big announcement coming soon!!!

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