We have been speakers to engaged and married couples for the last three years! It's incredibly rewarding sharing our story and helping (even if it's in a small way!) couples in their preparation and journey through marriage. We believe that strong marriages lead to strong families. And our culture will transform with strong families. 

Our most recent talks:

Meeting the Emotional Needs of your Spouse

Communication & Respect: How to do more than just talk the talk

Conflict Resolution

The Goodness of Marriage

Introduction to Natural Family Planning

We are FOCCUS Facilitator trained

We have also been fortunate enough to be speakers to college students. We believe the culture encourages young people to delay marriage and adulthood. We hope to flip the script for college students by helping them remember what they were created for, and by showing them what leads to true happiness.

Our most recent talks:

The Birds & The Bees & NFP

Why Not: Contraception

We would love to come and speak at your church, retreat center or campus!  Please email us (itwillbelovely@gmail.com) if you think we'd be a good match. We've been told by people besides our moms (hi mom!) that we are funny. So that means, if you have us out to talk we promise you'll be laughing. With us or at us. Either way it's #winning.